Saville Media Corporation is an innovative independent publishing business.

Saville Media Corporation is a specialist publisher with a variety of news and magazine websites.

Saville Media Corporation is a leader in marketing. We own and publish the following websites.





Opening June 2022


Saville Media Corporation businesses and web sites cover a huge range of segments in industry, commerce and trade such as real estate, travel, health, marketing, retail, health, beauty, motoring, fashion, food, technology, sport, house & garden and sports.

Saville Media Corporation is an Australian digital media, publishing, and information services business based in Byron Bay. It publishes more than 20 digital  brands, including Mothers, Fathers, Mums, Men, Miss, Her, Ladies, Gentlemen, Children and others.

Saville Media Corporation is a leading independent global media and information services business whose content attracts a passionate sophisticated demographic.

SMC is a pioneer in digital media and a publishing innovator, reaching viewers on all screens across its collection of iconic brands, which were purchased and developed to reach niche audiences in Australia and from around the World.

SMC’s reporters and content creators each day deliver comprehensive news and information in their specialities and areas of coverage.

The SMC portfolio produces content on so many topics.  Whether it is lifestyle, entertainment, music, or realestate, technology, the scope and depth of the SMC portfolio is what readers want and advertisers require to market their products.

Got a story concept? A feature article idea? An advertising query?  We’d love to hear from you.

At Saville Media Corporation we are always looking for ideas from content creators with something to say and who want great platforms to say it.

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Have a project or an idea you'd like to chat about? Interested in what Saville Media Corporation can do for you?

Saville Media Corporation is the magazine division of RogersDigital

NewsServices.com is the news division of RogersDigital.com

Content Marketing

Saville Media Corporation is a leading content marketing agency for brands looking to communicate with business, consumers and startup entrepreneurs.

Branded Content

Use Saville Media Corporation to build a relationship showing branded content to our audiences.  They are keen and active consumers.

Email Marketing - EDM's

Saville Media Corporation has potential customers across our databases and sponsored emails are a great way to drive traffic.

Lead Generation

At Saville Media Corporation we know how to create a strategic customer experience using unique relevant and valuable content. Work with us to get qualified leads.

Native Advertising

Grow your brand awareness and drive additional useful traffic using native advertising across Saville Media Corporation's platforms


Take advantage of Saville Media Corporation's entire media network with a range of productive sponsorship opportunities.

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